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Vincent Zeylmanns

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass – it is about dancing in the rain.”

Vincent G.A. Zeylmans van Emmichoven has, with the background of an international management career, mastered the complex interdependencies of strategy-, organisational- and personnel development, so that personal and business related potentials can be recognized, developed, and realized. As a coach, he accompanies top-executives in a personal and individual way. He checks for congruence of personality and requirements of a specific environment. Discrepancies lead to action plans, which will then be executed, or to a transition into a new, more suited, area of activity. Zeylmans is an expert when it comes to the job market, so naturally, his opinion is sought after in companies dealing with changed parameters in the search for personnel. Vincent supports specialists and executives in reorientation processes. He lives with his wife and his three sons in Emmerich near the Rhein. He has a passion vor parrot breeding, cooking and photography.

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