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Job Fit

How well do you utilise your personal potential in your job?

  • Realise your seed (potential, personality profile, personal values)
  • Examine your field (job description, work environment, team culture)
  • Your job-fitness determines the size of the harvest

Content and Topics

To put it graphically with the EDEN-nature-analogy: Is your seed (potential) in the right field (job) that can support your development and help you to thrive and propser? Do you bear fruits that match your actual potential? 

  • Define your standpoint and breakdown your personal biography 
  • Uncover your personality potential (with the DISG-personality profile)
  • Discover your own life vision & and realise perspectives 
  • Strategic planning to achieve your goals


  • Referee impulses
  • Single person workshop
  • Reflection impulses
  • Inspirational round of questions with the coach 
  • Incorporation of walks or hikes

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“The seminar was like an escape from everyday life. To take an outside look on my life and discover the big picture where all the little pieces fit so wonderfully together. It really helped me to commit my life vision to paper and put it in words and pictures. It helped me to prioritize. The experiential education exercises made me realize what my strengths and weaknesses are and motivated me, to utilize the first and work on the latter. All in all: an eventful, stimulating, and well articulated weekend!”

Natalie Deubl, Psychologist, Lausanne, Swiss


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