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Leadership Values

Can you lead your employees to create a strong team spirit?

  • Leading with values, charisma, trust and a good team spirit
  • Learn how to authentically create professional relationships and establish a culture of trust
  • Develop your genuine leadership personality and showcase your charisma

Content and Topics

  • Know the elements of appreciative leadership and situational application
  • Inner authority: sefl appreciation and conduct
  • Reflect on your own leadership, purpose and trust mindset
  • Enable peak performance: How to recognise, analyse and deliberately nurture skills and potentials of your employees
  • Trust binds and connects: Practise trust – Bind talents
  • Appreciative instead of hurtful communication: Achieve congruence between verbal and non-verbal messages
  • Leading with purpose and empathy – A leader who is  fair, consistent, predictable and committed.
  • Cultivate an optimistic spirit, strengthen your team-culture and lead with your heart and mind for enhancing performance and passion.
  • Inspire your employees with your own vision
  • Learn how to communicate your goals with passion while encouraging others to overcome obstacles
  • Obtain an integral and focused understanding of leadership
  • Improve your social skills and perform confidently in demanding work situations
  • Employees will be committed and identify themselves with their tasks, goals and the company
  • Your language will become based on your values, and you will communicate truthfully and coherently


  • Interactive lecture
  • Topic related keynotes
  • Guided group discussions 
  • Partner and group exercises
  • Individual quality work on self-concept and self-reflection
  • Action-oriented, practical leadership experiences
  • Evaluation/ Reflection
  • Transferable workshops ensure sustainability for professional practice

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“EDEN managed to connect our scientists and researchers with various professional and private backgrounds. The necessary team spirit was discovered and viable knowledge for actual everyday work communication was simultaneously obtained. That way, our team members were successfully sent out to deliberately live their own team identity. Communication at eye level, respect, sympathy and a lot of fun accompanied us throughout the seminar with Mr. Reeh and the team management activities.”

Dr. Sandra Kaminski, Projectmanager Biotechnologieprojekt Microchips, TU Chemnitz

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