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Agile Project Management

Collectively succeeding with projects

  • Learn to successfully plan out projects and crucial decisions as a collective
  • Work out  project objectives, sensible processes, and responsibilities
  • Learn how to structure project procedures effectively and how to frame team work and leadership

Content and Topics

  • Fundamentals of project management
  • A good plan is half the battle – planning tools and methods
  • Requesting projects and properly coordinating assignments
  • Basics of successful communication, how to reach every project member
  • Realising and defining goals – Ascertain project objectives systematically
  • Successful target communication toward employer and team
  • Project procedure planning, project phase models
  • Procedure strategy, process planning and time management
  • Operation planning, budget management, setup organisation
  • Project execution and successful leadership of employees in project teams
  • Reliable “detecting”, “analysing” and “intervening” in projects


  • Simulation of a complex project
  • Integrated theory inputs
  • Centered on action-oriented learning
  • Cycle of action and reflection

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“Just like a master craftsman, a project manager needs a “well filled toolbox” for his practice. For every problem that needs to be solved, there is a tool. The seminar teaches methods of team and project management. Especially social skills (that are rarely examined in everyday life) and social aspects of leadership are reviewed and emphasized during the seminar. It is well fitted for executives and project managers.

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