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Conversation Techniques

Conversation control through precise phrasing

  • Learn how to properly prepare for and control important conversations
  • Experience the impact of positive wording instead of using “killer phrases”
  • Develop your communication competence through practical training

Content and Topics

  • Analysis of individual communication patterns 
  • Use different styles of communicating 
  • Better understand and analyze your own needs and those of your opposite 
  • Prepare and evaluate conversations
  • Intention and impact
  • Improve efficiency through healthy, straightforward and appreciative communication
  • Communication psychological expertise 
  • Understand and improve your personal communication patterns
  • Develop your very own communication style
  • Make an impression with genuine statements and active listening
  • Get to know the 10 most essential interrogative forms and how to use them


  • Interactive lecture
  • Topic related keynotes
  • Moderated group discussions 
  • Partner and group exercises
  • Individual quality work on self-concept and self-reflection
  • Action-oriented, practical leadership experiences
  • Evaluation/ Reflection
  • Eden helps to transfer discovered knowledge to ensure sustainability in everyday professional practice

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“The topics of the EDEN Seminar are still with me, even after more than a month. I usually measure if a seminar was at all useful for me by reflecting if the topics and methods I was taught are still on my mind after a month. Few people next to Sebastian Reeh have achieved just that. I can apply the presented DISG-Typology on two levels: Personally, in self-reflecting my abilities as a Leader, and in leading different personalty types in my team.”

Joachim Seiler, Executive AMK, Gremien & Governance, DekaBank

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