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Health Management

Healthy and motivated employees - A key success factor

Healthy, passionate, and motivated employees play an always increasing part in future-oriented companies. With an active corporate health management, physical and mental health of the employees can be supported and improved with a lasting effect. An active health support offers specific measures for executives and employees, to promote a healthy lifestyle. The seminar contains building blocks from the areas personality development, as well as action-oriented company development.

Content and Topics

Mental illnesses, like stress, burnout and depression, have spread at an alarming rate. That is why an investment in the health of your company will always pay off. It is based on the health principle “Body Soul Spirit“ of healthy companies. This principle refers to the areas of personal fitness: Diet, relaxation, exercise, sleep, relations and cognitive-/mental strategies. 

  • Health coaching for physical and psychological fitness 
  • Group courses for stress coping
  • Awareness training for stress and burnout prevention (individual or group training)
  • Seminars about dealing with stress
  • Seminars or coachings about self-, objective- and time management



“As a BUDDING Academy we have been cooperating for several years now with the EDEN team, as part of various customer projects, and it has always been a personal gain and welcome addition. The combination of high professional competence, practice-proven, and experience-oriented methods, as well as an appreciative attitude towards every single person, guarantees us and our clients the best possible service. Over the years, a trusting relationship on eye level grew, which is, in my opinion, the best foundation for a partner-like cooperation.“

Tanja Dreyer, Customer service and event management, BUTTING Academy Burg Knesebeck GmbH & Co. KG

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