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Character and Competence

Executives - caught between responsiblities for people and results

  • Learn about the character and competence model, and how to use it
  • Analyse your individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Holistically lead yourself and your employees with more strength and joy

Content and Topics

Executives who are looking for the right way often face rather fundamental questions:

  • How can I establish and maintain trustful relationships?
  • How can I achieve a healthy balance between my professional and my private life?
  • How do I assemble teams, whose members respect each other?
  • How can I support my employees and release their potential?
  • How do I create a culture of continuous improvement?
  • How do I develop a fundamental and credible mission statement?
  • How can I evolve personally?


Successful leadership is effective leadership. Effective executives are equipped with inner greatness, credibility, character and competence. But these attributes can not be adopted by formal work techniques. Thinking and acting have to be aligned with universal principles like justice, honesty and trust. Next to these principles, key competencies lead to orientation, security and strength, and are summarized in the character and competence model. 

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“I liked the seminar, because it served as a connection between theory and practice. The inputs were not to long, but exciting. They helped me to define my position and to come to grips with my personality (character and competence). It is quite helpful to reflect ones life once in a while and to find new approaches. Specifically, the openness of every participant impressed me. The coaches had a good sense to emphasize the essential parts.“

Lorenz Kurth – Wattwil / Schweiz, Eidgenössisch diplomierter Ingenieur (Communication and Informatics)

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