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Do Heroes Still Exist ?

Fearless heroes Winnetou, Superman, Indiana Jones … The list of heroes of our childhood could go on and on. By now, we’ve realized they belong in the realm of fairy tales and fantasy. However, didn’t we all want to be like them? Didn’t we want to experience an adventure where our courage would be demonstrated?




Personal success


The change process in our private bank has confronted us with several challenges. With the professional guidance of the EDEN team, we were able to set just the right impulses, especially in management and with the affected employees. EDEN was not only there to help us conceptually with the preparations, but supported us constantly in a very flexible and individual way.   At no point you got the feeling, that there was a preformed concept, but rather a customized support fitted specifically to your needs. Mr. Reeh, with whom I was working very closely, managed to accomplish a great deal with all the participants, through his provocative and yet very intimate way – rigorous with the facts, but trustful in personal interactions.

Michael Albanus, Chief Executive Deka(Swiss) Finance AG


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