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At EDEN competence and expert knowledge meets empathy and business excellence. Natural success begins with ourselves. Therefore, we rely on and deliberately search for spirited, authentic personalities in order to realize our vision and mission:


We help people and organisations by valuing what already exists and by helping to discover strengths and resources. We optimise our clients’ potential.


Through human development we achieve economic growth and success. In holistic trainings and coaching we develop leaders, teams, and personalities. We support your growth processes to increase performance (profit maximization) with more work-flow (wellbeing).


We are specialists for action-oriented learning, indoor and outdoor. We use the experienced action and the inner attitude as a basis to initiate knowledge and development.


With specifically selected methods we generate a natural development process – we strengthen strengths and weaken weaknesses.
To succeed, we need very special, unique people–trainers, coaches, and consultants who want more and can do more than others in the consulting market. We therefore try everything to continuously develop our team and our individual skillset. We are looking for teammates who naturally see themselves as part of a larger whole and seek those that (can) implement this philosophy in their life. Only the best and most effective solutions are good enough for our customers. That is why we ask you whether you want to be a part of the EDEN-mission. We are development specialists in the areas of: leadership, team, and personality. We discover and optimize our clients’ potential through training and coaching. We help you achieve business success through human development.

Career and development chances

We see ourselves as a collective of partners in which the complement through people with special skills is a vital part. Through the active involvement, on the basis of openness, honesty, and fairness, we strive for win-win situations with all stakeholders. The interests of the company is our uniting foundation. Every employee takes responsibility for himself as a person, for his work, results and, within one’s means, for the whole company. Within our work-cooperation we challenge and support each other by cultivating a clear and appreciative feedback culture. It is our goal that every trainer and consultant is mainly occupied with what he specializes in and complements the whole team.

Consultants and trainers that convince us and our customers

Our customers remember us because of our training concepts that have a lasting effect and insights about work style and work behaviour, which are convincing enough by themselves. We value the focus on personality and the appreciation of each individual in our trainings. We invest in individuality, not conformity. Something you can feel in each workshop and each coaching from the very first second. Every single coach of our team convinces with his personal blend of technical and methodological-conceptual strengths, high social competence, and emotional intelligence. Only if you put all of these skills together you get a successful coach. For the expansion of our business activities, we are constantly looking for qualified and motivated coworkers.

Are you right for us?

Analytical, methodological, and conceptual skills, as well as expert knowledge, are important prerequisites for getting into the consulting business – that is the only way to score points with our demanding customers. But without tact, social competences, persuasion, and passion you will not be able to get your customers actively involved in the process. They will remain clients – but never trusted partners with whom you can approach future problems together. Briefly: For us, a good consultant should be able to manage both areas. Therefore, several years of experience in either consulting environments or industry, is an important requirement. We are looking for passionate consultants with implementation- and action-oriented approaches. Consultants, whose professional life, though determined, would not always had to have been one straight line – and who want to grow with us.

Positions and requirements

We have built a sophisticated international clientele with long-term relationships. These long-standing customer relationships are based on the consultation success of intelligent and enthusiastic employees. For the expansion of our business activities, we are constantly looking for qualified and motivated employees.

Project manager

  • Excellent university degree / MBA
  • Minimum of five years consulting experience in international business consultancy, i.a. as (sub-)project manager
  • Excellent analytical and conceptual skills
  • High interpersonal skills and excellent teamwork
  • Very good English language skills, ideally complemented by an additional foreign language


  • Excellent university degree / MBA
  • Several years of experience as manager or consultant in an international environment (institute, consultancy, education/training company)
  • Ideally experience with a market leader in distribution, supply chain management or service
  • Outstanding didactical expertise especially in the field of adult education
  • Excellent presentation and facilitation techniques
  • Very good communication skills, personality and charisma
  • High interpersonal skills and excellent teamwork
  • Very good English language skills, ideally supplemented by an additional foreign language


  • Excellent university degree / MBA
  • At least 2 years experience in an international consulting company as a consultant and/or in an international market leading company in project management or line
  • Outstanding analytical and conceptual skills
  • High interpersonal skills and excellent teamwork
  • Very good English language skills


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