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The Executive as Coach

Leading – Supporting – Coaching: How to achieve peak performance

  • Identify sources of motivation, and support your employees by unfolding their potential
  • Encourage learning and commitment of your employees in a stimulating process
  • Train to support your employees in independent problem-solving, and unfold personal responsibility

Content and Topics

  • Master psychological motivation-fundamentals and utilise them to improve performance 
  • Sharpen your perception for coaching and activation of executives, and simultaneously reflect your own style of leadership
  • Confidently and calmly overcome leadership dilemmas and the change process
  • Develop and refine development goals, transition topics, and action plans
  • The seminar gives tangible advice for executives to successfully take on the double-role-challenge of leading and coaching
  • Coaching fundamentals: Where does coaching start and end? How do I apply coaching techniques successfully?
  • Reflect on “Critical cases” from real life practice and derive solutions
  • Develope a coaching leadership style, establish new connections to your everyday work life, and reflect upon existing ones
  • Coaching-cases from professional practice – Problems and possible solution strategies
  • Acquire a leadership understanding that correlates directly with your role as executive and coach
  • Accompany employees in challenging situations, expand boundaries, and get out of comfort zones 
  • Proactively design an employee-oriented leadership behaviour


  • Interactive lecture
  • Topic related Keynotes
  • Moderated group discussions 
  • Partner and group exercises
  • Individual quality work on self-concept and self-reflection
  • Action-oriented, practical leadership experiences
  • Evaluation/ Reflection
  • Eden helps to transfer discovered knowledge to ensure sustainability in everyday professional practice

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“Sebastian Reeh showed me how I can individually coach the players mentally and help them to play(Unihockey) to their fullest potential. I have been using mental training methods on our players for years, yet Sebastian Reeh managed to point out new aspects in their mental development. This broadened perspective was very helpful for me to more accurately support the players on an individual level. I was given a new set of tools that I can use to successfully tap the full potential of the players, as individuals, and as a team.”

Lukas Roth - Men's Unihockey Coach, UH Cevi Gossau/ZH - Swiss Champion Small Field (2006 + 2007), Swiss League - Cup winner

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