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Leadership Change

Design change management successfully

  • Discover how to successfully execute change at the micro level as an executive
  • Master effective methods and possibilities to intervene
  • Understand the systematic structure of the change process (increase the lasting success of changes)

Content and Topics

Companies are subjected to constant change. Those who can quickly adapt to the new environment will be able to realize significant competitive advantages. 

  • Get to know “change tools” and how to use them
  • Deliberately extend your varying roles and strengthen your sense of responsibility and awareness of those roles
  • Identify requirements of executives and managerial staff in change processes
  • Experience successful and target-oriented leadership in change processes and how to deal with conflicts and resistance
  • Instil the ability to change as a core competence of the company
  • Systematically arrange change projects and anchor them sustainably
  • Increase your competence to control the change process
  • Broaden your repertoire of methods and interventions and learn about the “Do’s and Dont’s” in the change process
  • Understand the psycho-emotional dynamic in the persons involved
  • Learn how to draw commitment from the different influential groups
  • Manage covert parts of the change process and handle delicate situations proactively



Design transitions successfully:

  • Take people along on the “journey of change”
  • Understand change processes and organise them gently and effectively
  • Transfer work domains and redefine them if necessary
  • Learn how to deliver peak performance even throughout times of transition
  • Learn how to recognise creative potential for change
  • Understand transition management and utilize changes
  • Inspire those involved and properly lead them in the execution process
  • Become the transformative “Change-Leader” – Strategies and practices of transformative leadership
  • Be a catalyst for successful and lasting change 
  • Apply best Practice-Methods to your current transition plans

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“I really enjoyed that we worked and learned with a lot of action, and yet effectively in the EDEN seminar. Brilliant, thank you.”

Michael Stadelmann, MLP financial services AG, Giessen agency

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