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Customer testimonials

Feedback from our valued customers.

Christian Stelzmüller, Manager of Human Resource Development, B/S/H Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH / Standort Dillingen

The cooperation with EDEN showed me that sustainability and action-orientation are becoming more and more relevant in further educations. The participants incorporate the methods and approaches of Sebastian Reeh with enthusiasm and the effects are permanent.

Tanja Dreyer, Manager of Customer Service and Event Management, BUTTING Academy Burg Knesebeck GmbH & Co. KG

BUTTING Academy has been working for several years now together with the EDEN team and within different customer projects and it is always an asset. The combination of high technical expertise, practice-proven experience-oriented learning methods, and a noticeably appreciative attitude towards the individual, guarantees us and our participants a top service. A trusting relationship on equal footing developed over the years is, in my view, the best basis for a partner-like cooperation.

Thomas Schneider, DekaBank, Manager of Business Area Control and Development, Frankfurt

The executive development has not only brought a lot of joy and insight, it granted a high level of everyday transfer. The seminar leader, Mr. Reeh, was very authentic and able to generate a sincere openness in the whole team. The learning and experience concepts were designed to be directly related to the professional life; that produced a lasting effect and great practical benefits. Almost by themselves, learning tandems emerged after the intervention among the executive. The feedback culture developed very well and we experienced a very positive development in cooperation.

Michael Albanus, Chief Executive Deka(Swiss) Finance AG

The change process in our private bank has confronted us with several challenges. With the professional guidance of the EDEN team, we were able to set just the right impulses, especially in management and with the affected employees. EDEN was not only there to help us conceptually with the preparations, but supported us constantly in a very flexible and individual way.   At no point you got the feeling, that there was a preformed concept, but rather a customized support fitted specifically to your needs. Mr. Reeh, with whom I was working very closely, managed to accomplish a great deal with all the participants, through his provocative and yet very intimate way – rigorous with the facts, but trustful in personal interactions.

Thomas Heupel, Manager of Distribution for Roof and Wall EJOT Baubefestigungen GmbH / Bad Berleburg

Sebastian Reeh has accompanied me and the distribution department EJOT Baubefestigungen for several years now. We successfully conducted workshops in ID and AD and initiated a distribution conference, that he moderated. Mr. Reeh supports us passionately, is especially customer-oriented and because of that, a very important building block in the development of my distribution team.  It is a pleasure to work with him, motivate the crew, and prepare them for changed conditions of the market. The high measure of motivation and enthusiasm of M. Reeh enables us to get the best possible performance from every employee. I want to personally thank him and I am very happy to have him in our Team.


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