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Stress management

Work on your personal challenges!

  • Awareness based stress reduction
  • “Getting Things Done” theory
  • Instrumental stress management
  • Cognitive stress and conflict management
  • Self-management competencies and “Simplify your life”
  • Self-regulation and systematic desensitisation
  • Time management approach, Zürcher-resources-model, resilience approach

Content and Topics

Stress coping strategies deal with procedures to maintain and support resources and the management of conceptual/cognitive, emotional and physical processes. To teach and accomplish proper stress management we use various forms and training methods. For example:

  • Learn to recognise your own stress patterns
  • Expose causes for stress
  • Differentiate between healthy and unhealthy stress
  • Work out individual stress regulators
  • Develop a personal work-life-balance
  • Application of several stress management methods


  • Stress test: Systemic analysis with various methodical approaches
  • Application-oriented stress management methods
  • Partner excercises for self image and self reflection 
  • Action-oriented, practical approach
  • Awarness based stress reduction
  • Implementation steps ensure sustainability for practice

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“The seminar helped me to leave the everyday work life behind me and put the daily troubles aside, to focus my thoughts on my past, my current situation and on my vision. I think the seminar is an asset for everyone, no matter what phase of life he/she is in. My personal highlight was on the snowshoe hike. To be able to pull myself back up with the help of the sticks after sinking into the snow is for me like a symbol, that I have the strength to get back up, whenever I fall.

Lorena Müller, Governess Stuttgart

Best Practice

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