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Leading with personality

Align your style of leadership with your personality

  • Recognise why interaction with some employees is more difficult than with others
  • Detect and defuse causes for personal stress
  • Understand which employee is motivated by what and diversity management as an executive.
  • Recognize your individual strengths in leading employees and cultivating them

Content and Topics

From executive to real leadership personality

  • Communicate the importance of vision and strategy plausibly
  • Performance-dynamic: Efficient balance between workload and regeneration
  • Inner balance: Convey confidence and stability, even in frantic times
  • Power management: Leading with a high, target-oriented energy level
  • Talent management: Leading, supporting and coaching
  • Exceptional accomplishments with performance management 
  • Guarantee your goal accomplishment through feedback
  • Leadership dilemma: Managing complexity and change

Talent management: 
Leading, supporting and coaching

  • Flow: The psychology of happiness as foundation of success
  • Pain and pleasure: Deliberately using the levers for permanent motivation
  • Leadership through reality, open confrontations and an assertive feedback culture
  • Communication: The employee dialogue as a key factor in leadership
  • From leading to coaching: The executive as a performance coach
  • Self-check



Exceptional accomplishments with performance management 

  • The paramount leadership task: Accurately recognise potential and the motives of your employees and nurture them with lasting effect
  • Standards for motivational development plans
  • Delegate properly: allow a certain degree of freedom, create commitment and guarantee your goal attainment with constructive feedback

Leadership dilemma: Managing complexity and change

  • Creating synergies through cross-departmental and cross-functional cooperation
  • Establish the cornerstones of a leadership culture: Trust, reliability and proactive action
  • Dilemma competence: Dealing with complexity and contradictions
  • Communication that is fitting your business strategy
  • Conflict negotiation strategies
  • Coaching

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Leading with personality contains more than simple task delegation and watching over correct and functional proceedings! With this seminar we offer you the opportunity to develop suitable methods to reflect your leadership personality, the most important capital of an executive, and to grow in it. Realize your individual potential and refine them. Peak performances are delivered by people, who efficiently handle themselves and others. Unfortunately there is no “manual” for people, and even if there was it would be different for every human being. What inspires one employee to exceptional achievements, might cause the exact opposite effect in another one.

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