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Vision Finding

Are there any goals left in your life, that you want to achieve?

  • Do you know where the road is taking you?
  • Are there any goals left in your life that you want to achieve?
  • Is there a dream that you put aside for a long time?

Content and Topics

Specific coaching to discover your life vision and work out a life plan to help you navigate:

  • Define dreams, visions, and life goals and realise perspectives
  • Life planning and orientation
  • Develop implementation strategies 
  • Personality & Potential (persolog® personality profile)
  • Learn to better understand yourself and others 
  • Discover your own life vision: Realise perspectives & define life goals
  • Life planning: Implementation strategies & self navigation


Life is like hiking. If you do not determine which summit you want to climb beforehand, you might experience a lot of wonderful things while you wander along, but the highest peak with the best view, will not be in your reach. 

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“The seminar with Sebastian Reeh has opened up new ways and ideas for me on how to shape my future more sensibly. I would like to highlight the design of experiences and insights in the seminar that can be seen symbolic and transfered to everyday life. The personal coaching conversations were very helpful to plan out the implementation of what was learned and to actively use my own strengths and motivational abilities to realize my vision.”

Steffen Mohrherr, Customer consultant, Spardabank – Germany

Best Practice

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