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Moderation and Presentation

Team communication and negotiation competences

  • Get to know various moderation tools and learn how to use them
  • Learn to moderate professionally with presence competence and self-confidence
  • Detect and eliminate disruptive factors in meetings

Content and Topics

Participants experience, practice and moderate discussions:

  • to learn good communication as a basis of efficient work 
  • which role to assume as moderator and which methods are expedient
  • deliberate triggering and steering of discussions and a productive handling with objections
  • a proficient appearance and behaviour as moderator – even in critical situations
  • phrasing of interaction-triggering questions for appealing group discussions
  • different versions of moderating questions (acclamation, card, thesis, etc.)
  • skillfull enquiring, as well as clarifying statements and arranging the answers according to their importance
  • an objective-oriented way to secure results in the allotted time
  • initiating actions at the end of the moderating process
  • development of moderation-dramaturgy by means of specific topics
  • what needs to be considered particularly in meetings and discussions


  • Interactive lecture
  • Topic related impulses
  • Moderated group discussions 
  • Partner and group exercises
  • Individual quality work on self-concept and self-reflection
  • Action-oriented, practical leadership experiences
  • Evaluation/ Reflection
  • Eden helps to transfer discovered knowledge to ensure sustainability in everyday professional practice

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“Specifically the communication between the participants has benefited from the various exercises. Such a dynamic I would have never imagined beforehand! The quality of communication has improved – without exaggerating – by 100%. Furthermore I noticed how much the exercises have contributed to the quality of relations within the group. At the end of these eventful days, we all met again on a much better (because more personal) and more trustful level. “

Katarina Heil, Field Representative with Merz

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