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Talent Management

Recognise talent, develop potentials, and properly apply them

To manage the key positions in a company successfully, talent needs to develop practical competences that are relevant to the company’s philosophy.

An effective talent management is comprised of four phases to set your talents on a winning track:


Content and Topics

  1. After the fundamental concept phase, an analysis of the current state and position is conducted as part of the identification process.
  2. In the potential analysis the various potential levels of the talents are measured and matched to perspective requirements. 
  3. In the development phase, a customized plan is elaborated, evaluated and efficiently implemented with the EDEN leadership-, team- and personality development measures
  4. The talent placement phase is about an effective career management. The commitment of trained talents is supported by a deliberate confrontation with the three typical career paths: hierarchical-, project- or specialist career.


Workshop series with process-accompanying coaching and mentoring. Possible workshop-modules: 

  • Discovery of leadership potentials
  • Lead yourself: Self-, objective- and time management 
  • Fundamentals of Leadership (Leadership tools) 
  • Project- and time management
  • Moderation and presentation as a leadership tool  
  • Team development as a practical leadership process
  • Leadership codex and celebration


“The trainee executive program showed me in a simple way the mentality and processes inside a team. The gained transparency helped me understand similar situations in my professional life and revealed how easy the solutions to our everyday problems can be. Of course this depends primarily on yourself. I myself utilize the experiences of the training and try to implement them to my everyday life. The professional company of the two coaches and their enthusiasm was a delight. I can definitely recommend this training. It resolves thinking barriers and promotes a real understanding for groups on their way to become a team. Thank you!”

Daniel Kilian, CFO Mexico, EJOT Holding GmbH & Co. KG

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