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personality development

Future design with success

  • Discover your life goals and the appropriate strategies
  • Develop passion and experience joy
  • Unleash your personal potential

You want to give your life directive, experience balance or personal development?

We assist people in discovering, experiencing and developing their purpose. We work with proven concepts, build our seminars on scientific know-how and a positive psychology. It is about developing your life concept, questioning it or balancing it. We consider your life situation holistically and work on various topics of personal success.

Basic Topics

Personality Check

Potential analysis: personality, abilities, biography and location determination: What can I do well? Where do I come from and where am I now?

Personality Values

People who want to develop their potential and strengthen their self-confidence. What are my impulses, motivations, values?

Personality Communication

People who discover the importance of successful communication and who want to use it better.

Personality Vision

People who want to focus on themselves and their lives: Where do I want to go (vision)? What are my passions?

Personality Strategy

People who want to develop a personal life strategy: How do I get there and what can help me on my way (navigation)?

Personality Change

People who are in change processes, where changes are pending.

Personality Conflict

People, where tensions, conflicts exist and problems have to be solved.

Personality Intercultural

People who have intercultural challenges to master.

Seminar Specials

Life Navigation

The seminar to discover your life vision and create a life plan for navigation.

Life Leadership

Bringing life and leadership into harmony. For example, as an adventure in the European Alps or the Himalayas.

Life Balance

Active contemplation for your life balance. For example as a hike on the Way of St. James or as a accompanied time in the monastery, wellness hotel …

Life Challenge

Learn how to analyze and evaluate your personal and professional challenges, overcome hurdles and motivation holes.


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