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Life Leadership

Life and Leadership in harmony

Executives have the inconvenient and grateful mission, to lead their employees out of the comfort zone and into an environment of learning. Only when every single employe is learning, can the potential for growth in the whole organisation develop. It is not always easy and not everyone is willing from the beginning. The deciding part for said willingness is the example the executive sets. So the key is to figure out how well the leader himself is prepared to leave his comfort zone.

Content and Topics

In this seminar executives can practice leaving their comfort zone and learn, simultaneously, how to challenge and convince their employees to do the same.

  • Where am I going: What are my dreams, visions and goals?
  • How do I get there: How do I design the planning process, who will help and accompany me?
  • Where am I right now: What kind of potential already lies within me?
  • Where do I come from: My biography, legacy, life influences


  • Hikes with activating excercises
  • Seminar booklet with personal analysis-workshop
  • Personality analysis beforehand
  • Interactive lecture
  • Topic related impulses
  • Moderated groupdiscussions 
  • Partner and group exercises
  • Individual quality work on self-concept and self-reflection
  • Evaluation/ Reflection


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“The Life Leadership Seminar Annapurna was similar to the nepalese national dish Dhalbat. The mixture of the various components: physical liminal experience, witness breathtaking nature, interesting leadership inputs, and a very pleasant leadership style of the coach made this a delicious dish.”

Dr. Michael Fobbe, Specialised Physician, Frankfurt am Main

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