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Successful teamwork for your company

  • Learn to intentionally use your unique individual potential
  • Realize your own vision, implement objectives and strategies
  • Develop team spirit and a healthy conflict culture

Do you want to focus your team with a common vision and improve internal communication and conflict culture?

Success, productivity, and satisfaction of employees is strongly correlated to the team work efficiency of a company. We support teams in discovering, experiencing, and developing their own vision. The evolution of lasting strategies or social competencies are part of our repertoire, just as change and conflict management is. To meet the individual requirements and needs of team development, we offer a variety of workshops and seminars.

Basic Topics

Team Check

Kick-off measure for newly assembled teams or potential analysis

Team Values

Teams who want to discover their team values and strengthen the team spirit to increase their identification and motivation

Team Communication

Team members who want to improve their efficiency through healthy communication

Team Vision

For teams that do not have a clear future direction yet

Team Strategy

Joint strategy development and future planning with the team

Team Change

Teams in change processes because of change in leadership or structural changes

Team Conflict

Teams with existing tensions and problems that have to be solved. Development of a healthy conflict culture

Team Intercultural

Multinational teams learn to cooperate successfully and develop your intercultural competence

Seminar Specials

Project Management

Project simulation: How to successfully implement a project and what the project team has to consider?

Innovation management

Learn how to use your team’s potential to make a difference.

Diversity management

Innovative expertise – soft factors with hard consequences.


In this seminar, you will learn how to successfully and result-oriented moderate teamprocesses, meetings and workshops.

Generational Intelligence

Recognize and use the potential of different generations.


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