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Leadership Coaching

Successful self and employee leadership, even in tough situations

  • Leadership efficiency, self-, goal- and time management
  • Leading in change processes
  • Leadership authority – how does it arise and what inhibits it?

Content and Topics

Leadership- and management-coaching is about specific themes and reflection of leadership related requirements from the point of view of an executive. Strains, burdens, changes, and goals are core topics. 

  • Leadership style, leadership strength, and natural authority 
  • Stress and Burnout, self-management and balance
  • Change of your work related role
  • Employee motivation
  • Team conflicts and team communication
  • Setup of work and project teams
  • Transition to retirement, succession management, arranging decisions
  • Break through habits and work on blind spots
  • Change processes in companies
  • Reorientation
  • Promotion, preparing for new duties
  • High-pressure situations
  • Solving of difficult company situations


  • Cooperative systemic analysis
  • Definition of your standpoint
  • Work out core questions
  • Partner excercises for self image and reflection
  • Action-oriented, practical approach
  • Evaluation / Reflection
  • Eden helps to transfer discovered knowledge to ensure sustainability in everyday professional practice

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“The coaching-process with Yvonne Schudel was defined by target-oriented conversations that still allowed emotions. The coaching helped me to clarify and strengthen my leadership personality with a lasting effect. Many of the mediated inputs and tools still support me in the interaction with my employees.”

Katia Catalano, Manager of back office, DekaBank (Swiss)


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