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Leadership Development

Develop your executives with valuable impulses

Leadership culture is a core topic within the company’s culture, for it is characterized by the leaders of an organisation. Executive development interweaves the values of the company and the leadership guidelines with the practical experiences of everyday problems. Management tools or strategies can be changed quick and easy. The adaptation of a company’s culture, on the other hand (the change of the practiced norms and values), is a long-term concern. That is why the central element in maintaining and developing a company’s culture, is an authentic example of its leaders.

Content and Topics

You can assemble your own individual leadership-development-program out of the basic topics and seminar specials of our leadership category


Following methods can be used as part of a leadership-development:

  • Diagnosis of the current and intended state of leadership culture
  • Workshop to develop criteria of good leadership
  • Leadership-guideline-development and rollout of guiding principles into the organisation
  • Executive feedback (e.g. 360° Feedback)

  • Introduction of a value oriented and culturally aware management
  • Training program for the implementation of leadership guidelines and/or individual coaching 


“The leadership development did not only bring a lot of joy and insight, it allowed a very high transfer to everyday problems. The seminar facilitator, Mr. Reeh, was authentic and produced a high level of candor within the whole team. The learning experiences were conceived in a way, that they were directly related to the everyday professional life; this lead to an extreme sustainability and practical use. After the workshop, almost automatically, the executives paired up in learning tandems. The feedback culture was set on a very good path and we experienced a very positive development in the executive community.”

Thomas Schneider, DekaBank, Leader business segment-controlling and developing, Frankfurt

Best Practice

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