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Creative Conferences

Increase the long-term effects of your meetings with creative methods

EDEN supports your conference with a unique and activating long term methodology.

Large group methods are suited for events with 50 to 1000 persons. For a whole business division, a unit, or one part of an enterprise group, we realize your development issue and bring it to life so that the contents can be properly transfered into the daily routine.

Content and Topics

  • EDEN conferences ensure unforgettable collective memories
  • The long term transfer process starts with the conference
  • We realise your topics as a memorable experience for the whole organisation or just part of it
  • No matter if it is about the strategy for the next business year or the activation of every executive in a change process.


At the beginning, on isolated occasions, during the entire event, or just at the end, we will give our best to activate every single participant of your conference with action-oriented methodology by means of creative moderation (e.g. an interview with a special guest or the top management), a keynote presentation about selected and current topics, or the activation of  with practical teamwork problems. 

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“Dear Mr. Reeh, it has already been several weeks since the executive congress that you created and moderated. Yet the acquired results are not forgotten. And that credit goes to you! You understood how to steer our discussion with a clear target and lead us to actual results. Results that have the backing of every executive and that we will systematically implement during the next months. I am certain that with your support, we established an outstanding basis for a constructive cooperation. Not only will this be reflected in a high commitment for achieving the distribution year-objectives, but it will also support a consensual implementation of the coming organizational changes. Thank you so much for your support!

Robert Langer, Distribution manager Deka Bank for the entire distribution area South Germany

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