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Thomas Oetzmann

“It is exciting to help people and organisations fulfill tasks.”

Thomas Oetzmann is convinced, that the leadership quality of an executive is essential for the development of an organisation. The attitude of a manager and his work principles determine the quality of the team and therefore the success of the company. Especially in times of change, an employee can only then unfold his full potential, if he can trust his leaders. These potentials need to be recognized, so that the organization can grow with a lasting effect. Thomas Oetzmann loves working in international projects, since he lived and worked for eight years in a foreign country together with his family. The work with people from different cultures is an absolute asset to him. Cultural differences need to be identified and considered, if you want to succeed. Thomas Oetzmann accompanies executive in trading, in FMCG, as well as in non-profit-organisations in Germany, Eastern Europe and India. Since 2013, he lives with his wife and daughter near Düsseldorfbegleitet.

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