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Michel Weyrich

“To set free potentials in people, help them to find their optimal environment, and remove communicational barriers – that is my passion.”

Michael Weyrich finished his bachelors degree in applied social studies at the university of applied science in St. Gallen, with a focus on motivational conversation techniques and theme-centered interaction. Then followed advanced trainings in social management for executives, as well as for the DISG personality model. His career included a commercial education at the Kantonalbank and lead him from working at the social department of the city of Zürich to being a trainer and coach. He takes a great interest in the people of his professional and social environment. The intersection between economy and social responsibility is one of his life topics. He is instructor, teacher, trainer and conducts seminars about personality and team development. Apart from his abilities in project management and as a conscientious team leader in change processes, he engages in communication and self-leadership topics.

In his free time, he is a passionate photographer and loves film, music and crafts.

Consultant- and trainerprofile download (PDF)


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